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Just another Monday or so I thought…

The day started normal enough, Kieran and I had planned to go and visit Dalkey (Dublin). It was the 2nd anniversary of Kieran’s Dads death, so I wanted to be the extra great supportive girlfriend on what is a difficult day.tenerife-2016

I will be honest and say that when I finished work that afternoon, I wasn’t in the best of form.  I was feeling ms’y (is there even such a word but I know that you guys will get me) when I arrived at my Dad’s where we had arranged to meet (but I hid it well).  So off we went in the little white Berlingo (postman Pat car) to Dalkey.

First stop – Dalkey Church where his parents got married.  A beautiful church in the heart of Dalkey, I was excited to go inside as I really like churches.  When we went in, there was exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on going, so we had to be extra quiet.  Given the day that it was Kieran went off to have some alone time (or so I believed) and I sat quietly praying and chatting with the Lord.

It seemed like ages before Kieran decided to join me and around the same time the priest came to removed the Blessed Sacrament.  There were a number of people in the church so it was a few minutes before we were alone.  I had decided that I wanted to light candles, for Mum and Michael and my family.  So we lit 2 sets.  On the way back to our pew, Kieran stopped in front of the altar where his parents would have stood when they got married and started talking to me about his parents, how happy his Dad was on his wedding day, a day that represented the start of his new life etc.  He then said that he wanted to start a new life with me, I was only half listening so I said what did you say and turned around.  He was on the floor or should I say on his knee, I gasped, so shocked.  Then he asked me to Marry Him?  I immediately said yes but I was speechless (that doesn’t happen to me very often).

It was a wonderful proposal especially when you have no idea that it is going to happen.  He marked the occasion with a white gold proposal ring (the real thing  could wait as he knows that I am particularly fussy)..  Wow..  Shocked but delighted.  We immediately headed to a local french restaurant, where I called my Dad (who already knew as Kieran had asked for my hand) and my sisters.  Everyone was so delighted for us.   I was so surprised and happy and sure that I couldn’t eat anything.

We then went for a celebratory drink, I called my 2 closest childhood friends, Sarah and Fiona.  Sarah just knew, she had a sixth sense that something was going on from earlier in the day when I mentioned or upcoming trip to Dalkey.  She was so excited.  Fiona wasn’t around but we caught up the next day.engagement-flowers

Back in the car, when I got in I was very surprised to see flowers for me, when I opened the card I was so touched to read ‘Here’s hoping you have already said ‘yes’, love Kieran’  , by now I was crying.

So as my Dad would say I got a man that is one in a million.  Who loves me for me, despite the MS. I have had people say isn’t he great taking her on, very hurtful but in some ways I understand what they mean and I really hope that they don’t mean to be so narrow minded.

This post is for all the singletons out there as that was me, I had MS for 9 years before I met Kieran. I had symptoms when I met him, my foot, my walking, my sometimes irrational bladder.  It is possible to meet a kind, considerate man who sees you and loves you for you.  Who sees past the MS…

I love you Mr McGrath and look forward to being your wife..

Now it is all about the Ring???? 🙂engagement-frame

PS while I was praying and though Kieran was sad, he was off buying the Roses.  Fi also send on the frame opposite, so wonderful and thoughtful to mark the momentous occasion..






About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


4 thoughts on “Just another Monday or so I thought…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS !! the bestest couple!

    what a wonderful surprise to read your beautiful post.

    Fabulous happy news : )

    So hope you come back to Australia soon and come to stay on our farm.

    xx Fiona

    Smiling, happiness and good


    Posted by Fiona Cooper | September 10, 2016, 4:42 am
  2. Nicola I just love this you have gotten such a great man in Kieran and you are such a loving couple xx

    Posted by Sinead murray | September 9, 2016, 10:39 pm
  3. that was a a lovely touching post and many congrats to you both! you make a lovely couple and I wish you every happiness together.

    Posted by Christine Murphy | September 9, 2016, 8:28 pm
  4. What a fab post. Congratulations to you both.

    Posted by Caroline | September 9, 2016, 8:25 pm

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