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God, Holy Spirit, OMS

So where have I been…

I have had a very poor record over the past few months, I have been non existent.  I have found myself learning more about my God and that took my attention away from my blog. Plus I don’t know if I had anything interesting to say. Thankfully my MS is the same but I haven’t seen any major improvement’s, so while I advocate the OMS program I was waiting to have something positive and motivational to share.  It can take 3 to 5 years to stabilize and I am only nearing the end of year 2.

God I hear you say?  I know that some people will think that I have gone mad or something along those lines and that is ok as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

SpiritIt all started when a friend of my sisters, told me about a prayer group (that has had healings) and I found myself in a room where a presence was so obvious, I kept calling it an energy, little did I know then that it was the Holy Spirit.  It was the most calmest place that I have ever been in and I didn’t want to leave.  I felt so peaceful and all issues and worries slipped away.  I was hooked, it was like a new drug and I just wanted to live in this place of calmness and bliss.

Like most Irish people, I was raised as a Catholic, I know all the major events, Immaculate Conception, Birth of our Lord, Easter etc.  I was baptized, made my Communion and Confirmation.  I haven’t done the marriage thing yet but I will with Kieran someday.  I would consider myself a good Catholic as I have always tried to do my best for others never deliberately hurting someone.  I have always thought that Life is hard enough without trying to bring some else down.  This is especially true when you get diagnosed with a life changing illness, you then don’t have the time or the energy to worry about causing suffering to someone else.

So now I find myself in a new space.  A place of calm and peace and love.   I have learned that God loves Me, little me.  I thought that I was insignificant and not deserving of His love, that I hadn’t done enough to earn it.  I was wrong, I now know better.  And Healing, God does not want any of us to suffer, he loves us, we are his children and he will Heal you in accordance with his divine plan.  I can’t wait well actually hang on maybe I can as I am in such a beautiful happy place.  Maybe some of you will join me..


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


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