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139 People and counting….

You know I haven’t written a blog in over 3 months because couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about and it has also been a busy few months, I have had numerous funerals, months minds, 1st year anniversary masses, my niece’s 6th birthday and my annual botox injection..  I  have also had an MS flare up and did some soul searching in relation to life and my neurological consultant.

A little over a month ago my Nanny died or should I say the legend died.   NannyShe was some woman, 14 children, 51 grandchildren, 72 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild and counting (my sister and cousin’s girlfriend are pregnant)…  It is amazing to think that so many people are here because of her.  She is to the right and below is a photo of her kids.


As a child she minded me after school but as an adult I didn’t know her as well as I would have liked but her legacy is her children, my father, aunts and uncles.  They are a credit to her.  For a long time, I thought that all families where strong, supportive, positive and fun, ‘happy’ places but now I know that is not always the case. 13 of her 14 children are still alive and a pleasure to be around.  My nannies home has been the central hub for years, where you can always call and you never knew who you would be greeted by, but you were always very welcome .   A typical Irish country home, always lots of tea and cake..

She was in her 99th year when she passed away and amazingly enough 2 of her sisters made her funeral, one of which will be 90 in Sept, what longevity.

She was a very practical woman, when my own Mum passed away she told my Dad that he needed to remember that he had 4 daughters to look after and not to let his grief allow him to lose site of that.

My soul searching introduced me to the world of tapping, not the tap dancing, the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) side.  My bio-energist told me about the world summit which was on a couple of weeks ago where they taught you how to ‘tap’ and provided loads of free educational downloads (topics included Perfectionism, Self Esteem, Limiting beliefs etc) over the week.  It is quick and easy so I have learnt how to do it and I am practicing every day.  I will keep you posted on my results 🙂

As a result of my MS flare up, I decided to change consultants and boy am I glad that I did.  The new man listens to me and seems very eager to keep my MS under control, he doesn’t take a wait and see approach he is more aggressive than that.  So we have an MRI planned and then maybe a change in medications…  We will see.


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


3 thoughts on “139 People and counting….

  1. I love EFT – it’s very powerful
    Good luck with the new neuro – a relapse is always a good time to re-evaluate your strategy and ask if there’s anything else you can be doing – and there’s so many new treatment options now. Take care x

    Posted by mirandasmsblog | May 3, 2015, 12:33 pm
  2. great to see your post again and glad you found a good neurologist. RIP to you Nanny. She sounded like a wonderful person.

    Posted by Christine | March 19, 2015, 6:46 pm
  3. You are amazing and so very strong! Such an inspiration!

    Posted by sharonmhoy | March 18, 2015, 11:53 pm

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