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My adventure for International Woman’s Day :-)

So it has been an amazing week. I was asked to tell my story for International Woman’s Day by the HP Irish Woman’s Network, so exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time..


It was not my first speech but the first time I have spoke to colleagues and other HP employees.. It doesn’t get any easier but I have discovered that preparation is the key.

Yesterday was the day and despite the nerves I think it went really well.. I enjoyed it.. It is really nice when you can connect with someone..

While telling my story, I spoke about the challenges that I have had to overcome.. Being premature with sight and hearing difficulties, being diagnosed with MS, so losing physical function and then the loss of Mum.. It has been heartbreaking and really hard but I have managed.

I was a World Champion Kickboxer so the loss of physical function and my hard won identity was a lot to deal with but it did make me determined to do what I can to stabilise my health and recover function .

I have spent the last 11 years working on myself so I had a number of things that I hoped to get across, things that I feel are important..

Firstly, you need to love yourself, unconditionally and completely.. So so so important, the old saying is true if you don’t /can’t love yourself nobody else will.. Louise Haye talks about how unconditional love can heal anything and I believe grant you the peace and serenity that we all crave..

Self acceptance is another one we need to work on.. I used to be obsessed with my weight and as a result have no recollection on periods of my life, I was constantly on a diet, what a waste, life is too short, it needs to be lived and embraced.. It was a course that enabled me to win my first world title that hammered that home.

I also believe that you need to realise how important your needs are, especially those of you with a family, you hold it together, you are happy and the whole family is happy..

Empowering other women and rising above Life’s challenges are also so critical.

It took getting MS for making the above fundamental changes, I now have a much healthier, happier me and love my life..

Are you waiting for something significant to happen or are you embracing life and living it to your full potential?
It is great to do the work now and not wait until you have too..

Good luck with the work, I can guarantee it will be worth it..


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


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