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Do you believe that you can be healed?

Kieran and I

Kieran and I

This is a very interesting topic because I do believe that I will and can be healed, what I can’t stand is the waiting (it is taking too long 10+ years) and the disappointment that something I am doing isn’t enough. Over the years, I have tried everything that I have heard works, I have become more spiritual and my relationship with God has developed, I love and trust him. He is there when I am facing the MS challenges, when my foot isn’t working or when my bladder is having an off day. He holds my hand and gets me through it and sometimes you just need someone to lean on.

A couple of weeks ago, Kieran and I went to see a healing priest. He is an old man, 91 years of age. He was picked out from a crowd in Medegorje as someone who could heal, who had healing abilities. I imagine that he was a little scared of it as he didn’t do anything with it until after his second trip to Medegorje when he was told to start healing. From what I heard, the first miracle was a little girl who couldn’t speak or walk due to stroke but after he touched her (I don’t know how many times) she had a full recovery. This was his catalyst to start really working at healing people.

So off I went to see him for the first time, he put his arms around me and commiserated with me, ‘you poor poor girl he said’ over and over, he seemed to really have empathy to what I have gone through and what fear I may have about the future. Of course, the more he appeared to understand the more upset I got, I may try to minimise and forget about my MS and fears for the future but in some ways they are always there. Then he started praying on me and announced that I was 65% cured and would in time be cured fully. I would run a marathon. This made me cry more as this is one of my ambitions that I have had for years if my foot gets better, I don’t know how he could have known this. He then reiterated it with a sign from God, he got the holy spirit to shake his hand.

Last week, I went for the 2nd time, this time he said that I was 55% healed, which really disappointed me but then he again said about the Marathon and got a sign from God. My friend said that he can be forgetful but he still has miracles under his belt.

So today, I am very much on top of my diet, I am also doing anything possible to help me and my health, I am really looking to the future and have my fingers and legs crossed that it will happen soon. I believe that you have to be mind, body, spirit and soul healthy to get it all to recover completely. I may want it now but it will only happen when I believe it is supposed to happen.

I will keep you posted.

Please note that my relationship with God is personal and I would never try to influence anyone else..


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I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


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