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Letter to my Newly Diagnosed Self

One of the things that the MS society recommends for World MS Day is that we write a letter to our newly diagnosed self. I am going to attempt it and maybe the result could be a used to educate people and to promote a wider understanding of the illness. For me this is a hard to put on paper, where do I start?

Dear Nicola
I have just heard the news, I am devastated, how are you doing?

In my experience, now is a very difficult time for you and your family but their is lots of information out there that can help you manage your illness and may even stop it progressing. Get through the first attack and take it from there. Hope, a willingness to make some lifestyle changes and a positive attitude can make all the difference.

I have sent you a copy of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by Professor George Jelinek, a great read, it has the right balance of information and is written by a Doctor that has MS which works because he understands.

When you are ready to take some action, I have listed a couple of tips below:

  • Go Gently – you just got a big diagnosis, take it easy, be kind to yourself.
  • Be Selfish – you have always tried to help others but at this time, it should be all about you, time is needed to grieve and accept the diagnosis, it is also needed to heal and get through the first attack..
  • Learn to Love yourself unconditionally not as easy as it sounds but can have remarkable results
  • Listen to your Heart – are you happy? Slow down and look at your life, changes may not be easy but necessary
  • Listen to your Body – by being ill, it is screaming to get your attention and maybe now it has it, your biology is your biography, learn to love it.
  • Pray for Love, Acceptance, Healing and Trust – you master all these and you wont be troubled for very long.

I hope that I don’t come across as patronising, just want to give you some information. Mind yourself and let me know if you need any help and when you are free for coffee.

Love you lots



Answering some of the above questions involves taking a look at all areas of your life and seeing the ones that are not making you smile, the ones that need to change.. They maybe areas that you may not have delved into before, or ones that you purposely avoided, this can no longer be the case, when the mind is unhappy, the body can become unwell. You are unwell, this is a sign, one to get you to notice how stressed things are and hopefully prompt you to make the necessary changes. Mind, body, spirit and soul they all warrant a look, you never know where that look will lead and what healing it can bring

There are lots of different ones, the Overcoming MS book by Professor George Jelinek will show you both natural and medical therapies to choose from. eg

  • Diet – the MS Swank Diet has had remarkable results, info in book
  • Counselling – important to deal with the diagnosis and anything that you have been pushing to the long finger of your mind, the resolution of difficult emotional issues
  • Exercise – more important than what people originally thought, it helps to maintain function. it is very important not to stop completely, keep going it doesn’t make your MS worse
  • Vitamin D – this little vitamin has had remarkable results, makes sense when you look at the geographic spread of MS globally, there is very little where there is lots of sun, what does this tell you, we need more sunshine in Ireland.
  • Reiki – it lines up your emotional chakras and releases any blockages, allowing the body to start healing itself
  • Meditation – a quiet mind allows you to listen
  • Medication – there are many options and Prof Jelinek will explain the different options, there advantages and disadvantages

Good Luck, you will do fine….


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


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