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The importance of Fun !!??!?!

Well helloGirls in Kilkenny, happy Sunday!

Yesterday one of my best friends had a birthday party, a big birthday party in her house, I won’t mention numbers as she would probably kill me 🙂

The picture on the left is from Kilkenny last weekend (I recovered from the fall and had a great night) but last night, we had the same people and more. ..

Yesterday was a very full day, the Copaxone nurse (MS drug that I am on) had an information day and I decided that I would go, I wanted to raise the profile of the blog and see if there was anyone I could help.  I decided only to stay until lunch time as I had only ever been to one of these things before and I could learn something and I had loads of party preparation to do 🙂 
I originally decided to go when I heard that Professor George Jelinek was going to do a talk from Australia, I really think that he is soooo inspiring and informative.  He couldn’t make it so we had, a neurologist, an MS nurse, a physiotherapist and a representative from the MS society.  All lovely people but I didn’t learn much.

So after the words of wisdom, I gave Bernie some feedback, I think that if they had an MSer talk, it could take away some of the fear, some of the audience where only newly diagnosed and in my experience it is nice to talk to someone who understands what you are going through.  Also maybe doing some group work might be fun as it was lecture style a bit boring…

So back to last night when the real fun began, I made lasagne for the party and

headed to Chele’s with food, clothes and make up.  She was panicking, she hadn’t found something to wear and I was going to help, we all want to look good at ‘our’ party.  So she did look great, that’s her in the blue dress.

It ended up being a great night, some people have such lovely family and friends.  I got to chat up with lots of people who I havent seen in a while.  Some very good, very nice people, people who don’t bitch or moan about anyone else, they just get on with life and are happy and secure with themselves.  A pleasure to be around, even when they are getting slight jarred LOL

So I did loads of dancing (just love Rihanna), well as much as my legs would let me, I sang and I must have had at least 10 cups of tea 🙂 , I am such a die-hard tea totaller.

So my comment today, is to have fun, lots of fun, MS may have entered your life but it does not define you and it does not control you, you need to learn how to manage it and have a wonderful (occasionally bad day) life! 

Thanks to Chele, her family and her friends xxx


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I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


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