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What a day, my best friend and her family are coming home from the Uk for a funeral and me being the wonderful person that I am, decided that I should give her my house. It is always nice to have a proper base when you travel and it is the least I can do. She is my best friend since I was 10, she is like one of the family.. Anyhow now I am getting into bed in Lucan, Dad has welcomed me back and I am exhausted. My back is really sore and I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Some days I hate having MS, changing bed clothes, hoovering, polishing, shopping etc over the last 2 days has left me very tired. Some days I wish I could do what normal people can do.. Moan, moan, moan – thankfully tomorrow is another day and now I get to go to sleep!!

Gym in the morning, good or bad idea??

Would you give up your home for a few days???


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


2 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Hi sweet heart, I am sorry you have stressed yourself out doing all this for us. I would have changed the sheets and all the other things you have probably done for us. You r very naughty, I feel terrible now. We are just in the queue to get on the ferry. We are really looking forward to seeing you! Sophia especially, lots of love, X

    Posted by Fiona | March 9, 2012, 1:19 am

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