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On line Dating… What fun :-)

The last few topics have been a bit serious 😦  So I decided that it was time for something light-hearted.  Dating 🙂

I broke up with my last long-term boyfriend over 5 years ago.  It had gone on for a most of my teenage/adult life and our lives were heavily intertwined so it took a while to get over him, we were both World Champion kickboxer’s and taught martial arts together.  To help me, I started on-line dating and I have been doing it on and off for the past 5 years.  Initially it was to get over my Ex but in more recent times I am looking for a relationship. It is great fun and means that you don’t spend every night sitting in and waiting for something to happen.  I havent found the ‘one’ yet but I have met lots of nice people, have had a couple of short-term relationships and made lots of friends.  There are of course some strange people but in my experience that is the minority.

Things to do before you start

  • Find a great Picture of yourself (one that you love, please don’t take it  yourself with a camera phone as I have seen the results (some guys) and they look pretty weird)
  • Decide on a Dating website
  • Draft your Profile with the help of a few (honest and reliable) friends
  • Figure out what you are looking for – Relationship/Marriage/Buddy?
  • Make your profile fun and interesting but don’t have it too long (mistake that is made by some people, where you stop reading half way through, too boring)

Once the profile is up and out there, it is time to start checking out potential partners.  The sites have different ways for you to let someone know you are interested, with POF it is a ‘meet me’ option where you review profiles and say yes, no or maybe.  In MATCH it is a ‘wink’, an icon that allows you to wink at someone.  With both options a mail is sent to the relevant party letting them know that you are interested.  That way you don’t really have to make the first move and if they are interested in you, they will email you thus starting the online conversation.  
You can of course send an email first but I prefer to let the guy do the chasing unless I get a wink or interested notification from him first.  Then there are plenty of tips on each site to give you ideas what to and not to talk about. 

Some Tips before you meet

– Find out if they have a Facebook account, it is a way to get a feel for him/her from photos and interests
– Get a recent picture of him/her
– Have a phone conversation, which can highlight that you are great on paper but not so good at having a conversation
– Go with you gut, if it tells you that he/she is not for you, it is probably right, there is a reason why is it called Gut Instinct
– Meet in a public place and let a friend know where you are going

Plenty of Fish

This site is free and has millions of users.  I found it very easy to use, they even have an app for your smart phone.

This site is pretty good but doesn’t have as many men as POF.  It also cost me over €20 a month.  Havent been on it in a while but imagine it has an app too

Happy Fishing , you just never know where it is going to lead!!! 

In subsequent posts, I will cover when I think the best time is to mention the MS and the different types of guys that I have met.


About msinthecity

I am I suppose many things, a former world champion kickboxer, an image consultant, a planner but fundamentally a happy lady who has multiple sclerosis..


One thought on “On line Dating… What fun :-)

  1. Thanks 🙂

    Posted by msinthecity | July 10, 2013, 10:51 am

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