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Just another Monday or so I thought…

Just another Monday or so I thought…

The day started normal enough, Kieran and I had planned to go and visit Dalkey (Dublin). It was the 2nd anniversary of Kieran’s Dads death, so I wanted to be the extra great supportive girlfriend on what is a difficult day. I will be honest and say that when I finished work that afternoon, I wasn’t … Continue reading


  • From George Jelinek, OMS All my life I had been strong and independent. It is becoming clear to me that this is a common characteristic of many people with MS I am the same :-)

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My name is Nicola, I am from Ireland and live a fulfilled life while dealing with MS. I set up this page to help various people through what can be a difficult time, being diagnosed with MS or any illness is not easy and I would like to provide information, comfort and a listening ear to those newly diagnosed, their friends and their families.. It would be nice to inspire people and provide tools to help slow or stop progression. Feel free to contact me with questions, opinions or suggestions ....
My blog contains some stuff about MS and my normal daily living with MS, the up's and the down's. Please note that the links (blog roll) below contain some very useful information. If you want to join the whatever it takes, Irish OMS group, give me a shout.
Note - I’m just a normal lady, all of my advice is based on my personal experience and from the readers who comment on this blog

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